Bacopa caroliniana ‘Blue Moon’ Tissue Culture

Bacopa caroliniana ‘Blue Moon’ is a stunning variation of the popular Bacopa caroliniana plant. This cultivar boasts vibrant golden yellow leaves that add a pop of color to any garden or aquatic setting. The leaves are smaller than the green variety and will provide a nice contrast in a mixed planting. The small white flowers are produced in abundance in the summer. This low maintenance plant is great for adding a touch of color to ponds, water gardens and as a ground cover in garden beds.



It does best in taller tanks because it grows so quickly, but you can grow it in shorter tanks – it just overtakes them much faster. Bacopa works well for hiding equipment, creating territories for fish, or hiding spots for fry.

Like moneywort, Bacopa Caroliniana is technically a flowering herb and typically grows on land. It’s also called water hyssop, blue water hyssop, giant red bacopa, lemon bacopa, or giant red bacopa.