Lobelia cardinalis ‘Mini’ Tissue Culture

Tiny Gem: Unleash Lobelia cardinalis ‘Mini’s Radiance in Your Aquarium

Ditch the ordinary, embrace the mini marvel! ✨ Lobelia cardinalis ‘Mini’ bursts with vibrant emerald & hides fiery red secrets beneath. Compact, easy-care, & tissue-culture safe, it’s the perfect pop of color for nano tanks & foregrounds. #aquascapemagic #aquaplants #minimakesmighty



Mini Marvel: Dazzle Your Aquarium with Lobelia cardinalis ‘Mini’ Tissue Culture

Unleash vibrant color and captivating texture with Lobelia cardinalis ‘Mini’ Tissue Culture! This stunning dwarf variety is perfect for injecting life and beauty into your aquascape:

  • Compact Size, Maximum Impact: Reaching only 4-8 inches tall, this miniature jewel thrives in foregrounds, nano tanks, and even as a midground accent. Its dense growth creates a visually stunning tapestry without overpowering your layout.
  • Emerald Brilliance: Submerged leaves shimmer in a captivating shade of emerald green, adding a touch of natural freshness to your underwater world.
  • Unleash Hidden Reds: Under high lighting, the undersides of its leaves boast stunning shades of red, creating a mesmerizing spectacle for your fish and viewers.
  • Thrives in Diverse Conditions: Adaptable and easy to care for, Lobelia cardinalis ‘Mini’ flourishes under moderate to high lighting and doesn’t require CO2 supplementation. This makes it perfect for both beginners and experienced aquascapers.
  • Tissue Culture Advantage: Grown in sterile lab conditions, this plant arrives pest-free, algae-free, and ready to thrive in your tank without any acclimation period.

Planting is simple:

  1. Choose a well-lit spot with moderate water flow.
  2. Separate the clump into smaller portions if desired.
  3. Plant individual stems securely into the substrate.
  4. Witness your Lobelia cardinalis ‘Mini’ transform your aquarium into a vibrant underwater paradise!

Don’t miss out on this versatile and captivating plant. Order your Lobelia cardinalis ‘Mini’ Tissue Culture today and watch your aquascape come alive!