Micranthemum umbrosum ‘Gold Coast’

Micranthemum umbrosum ‘Gold Coast’ is a bright yellow, low-growing stem plant perfect for beginners. It is a versatile species which can be used for both foreground, midground and background.

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Constant pruning will keep it low growing and spread runners horizontally. Leaving it untrimmed will allow it to grow vertically as a background plant. This plant is very easy to grow, and can be rampant if it’s not pruned. Its often compared to Pearl weed since they share similar characteristics and growth patterns but the leaves are slightly larger and rounder. The shape and growth of the plant depends on the conditions so you must plan accordingly if you have a specific vision for how it will fit into your aquascape. This plant is similar in appearance to other carpeting plants, and can be a low-maintenance alternative if you are having trouble getting foreground coverage in your tank.

This plant grows best with moderate light and CO2 levels around 6-14ppm. However, Micranthemum umbrosum ‘Gold Coast’ can usually get all the nutrients it needs from a nutrient-enriched substrate and healthy fish colony. For super dense growth, use high light and CO2. Bright light will yield bushy growth, while moderate light yields looser, upward growth. Once your ‘Gold Coast’ is established it will need to be pruned, as it can grow unruly when left unchecked. This plant will tolerate substantial pruning, so you can let it grow large and dense and then trim it into a desired shape if you wish.