Hydrocotyle verticillata ‘Shield Pennywort’ Tissue Culture

A very fast grower, Hydrocotyle verticillata ‘Shield Pennywort’ is a charming trailing perennial with round, penny-shaped leaves, 2-5 cm, that attach to their stems from the center of the leaves. The long, slender stems can grow up to 25 cm.

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Inconspicuous white umbel flowers are borne on shorter stalks below the leaves from early summer to early fall. Native to South and North America as well as the West Indies, Shield Pennywort can be found along streams, in the shallow water or marshes, and on low, muddy ground. Popular as a foreground plant, Shield Pennywort can be used as a marginal aquatic and is suitable for aquariums and garden ponds. A vigorous performer, it quickly hides the pond edge.